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The world of Drones is evolving and changing all the time due to the fast paced environment of technology which continues to advance at ever greater speeds !


Hi Everyone – I’m Nigel and owner of this site.

Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are becoming ever more popular as a hobby or recreational activity with each passing day. Racing them is even now a recognised sport ! They are also becoming better value and more sophisticated depending on what you want to use them for (whether just the thrill of flying, competitive racing or perhaps for practicing your aerial photography).

Probably like most people I started out flying toy Quadcopters around. As your skill develops you enjoy things more and more and I wanted to learn and increase my knowledge in this fascinating and growing field and so that’s exactly what I’m doing. The Emissary Drones website has been created to help me develop my knowledge and by doing so hopefully sharing useful information, insights and helping like minded people who are also interested in this exciting technology.

I also believe Drones will be a huge part of the future commercially, you can already see it happening now, and there will be great opportunities to come in that area too !

What Does This Site Offer ?

We are continually updating this site to include the latest information, guides, news and reviews on all things Drone !

I would be extremely grateful if you would leave a comment on any of the information you see here, how we can improve the site and what you would like to see. Also if you have any questions please ask and I always promise to reply.

You can contact me by email at admin@emissarydrones.com

All the best,


Emissary Drones

Emissary Drones