Amazon – Drone Delivery USA and Fun With Giant Robots

Jeff Bezos Robot Suit

Drone Delivery Testing by Amazon Isn’t New

Amazon started testing drone delivery back in December 2016 in United Kingdom.


It was a 13 minute journey which saw a drone deliver an Amazon Fire TV and bag of popcorn to a customer in Cambridge. You can watch it here.


This time it all happened at the MARS 2017 conference which recently took place in Palms Springs, California.


This is the first time Amazon has flown its delivery system drones in public in the USA – all other flights have been conducted on private property.


Video footage taken and posted on YouTube shows the drone delivering a box which contained a couple of bottles of sunscreen. 


Here is the video that was uploaded – take a look at the future….it’s definitely coming…


Welcome to MARS

The MARS conference which is an acronym and stands for “Machine learning, home Automation, Robotics, and Space exploration” is as you can imagine quite futuristic.


It is understood to be an exclusive, invitation only conference although we can get a glimpse of things to come from these video clips.


Another case in point – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos found the time to have some additional fun at the conference where he can be seen in a gigantic 13 foot tall robotic suit – maybe in training to take on some rather unpleasant aliens….?


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Billionaire boys and their toys…..!!!

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