Best Drones Under $100 For Beginners

Best Drones Under $100


Did you start looking at the higher spec Drones such as the DJI Mavic or Phantom series and suddenly, almost violently and without warning spat out your coffee with surprise when you saw the prices!? Yes some Drones can be pricey can’t they…? If only there was a list of the best Drones to buy under $100 for beginners…


Well, fear not intrepid budget Drone hunter, help is at hand!!


Drone Hunter


If you are looking to invest less than $100 in a Drone then congratulations you’ve definitely come to the right place!! We have some great Drones to choose from and all of them for less than $100, ranging from very basic right up to having FPV (First Person View) capabilities.


Due to the different functions available on each model and exactly what you want in your Drone, the choice will always depend on you. But you need info, so here’s our shortlist of the best Drones coming in under the $100 price tag for newbies and beginners and what they have to offer;


Hubsan X4 (H107L) Beginner Quadcopter


hubsan x4


We start our list of best Drones under $100 with this fantastic little beginner Quad, which is fast and furious and a great lot of fun being small, neat and compact.

Ideal for feeding your adrenaline rush by whizzing around at high speeds.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s great for beginners and kids as extremely low priced.

There isn’t a camera but for the very low price this toy Drone is built mainly for high speed fun.

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Syma X5C Quadcopter with Camera




The Syma X5C is a great choice and extremely popular for beginners because of what it has to offer, including a camera, versus the extremely low price tag. 

Not as fast and racy as the Hubsan X4, this is a much more standard and usual type of Drone.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s lightweight and robust so can take so bumps and bangs and keeps on going.

A great introduction for beginners and kids, basic but good quality and great for learning flight skills and taking basic photos and video.

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Parrot Swing Minidrone – Hybrid Quad/Plane



Still have the need for speed? Here’s a very clever and innovative Quad/Plane hybrid from Parrot.

Totally unique design, you have the best of both worlds here, the take off and landing ease of a Quadcopter, and the fast paced speed of a plane once you are up in the air.

Perfect for kids and beginners, this is built for pure flying enjoyment. Darting around or racing with friends, this Drone is quick, agile and very responsive.

There is a camera but it’s use is extremely limited in use and more to assist with flight control, so if you want a camera option this isn’t probably right for you as it is mainly designed for high speed fun.

Click here to read the full and detailed review of the Parrot Swing MiniDrone



DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Camera Drone




Wow, FPV (First Person View) flying for under $100 – are you sure??

Yes it’s true, check out the DBPOWER MJX X400W which is a best seller and well under budget!

As well as an FPV camera and real time transmission, it also got other great features such as Headless Mode, One Key Return and Flip/Roll making it really great value for money!

Well worth a look!

Click here to read the full and detailed review of the DBPOWER MJX X400W



Holy Stone F181C Quadcopter with Camera 




Since 2014 Holy Stone have been making great Drones and this is a great all rounder for the price.

Loaded with features such as Altitude Hold, Headless Mode and One Key Return, this is absolutely ideal for beginners and kids to get to grips with controlling and flying a Drone, plus not seeing it fly off into the sunset never to be seen again!

It comes with a good quality camera, is robust and solidly built and a nice design to round it off.

You can easily perform stunts with the Flip key, making sure you get the most fun and enjoyment of of this Quad.

Click here to read the full and detailed review of the Holy Stone F181C



It’s a fast paced world we live in, technology is advancing at breakneck speed and new Drones are coming out all the time so we will revise and update this list as things progress.


Let us know your experiences with these or any other under $100 Drones by dropping us a line below in the comments.


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