Can You Guess Who This Is Making Drones In World War II ?



Do You Know Your Drone History?


Does the face look familiar?


Can you guess who this is hard at work building Drones?




A couple more clues in case you haven’t got it yet….


She was 18 years old in this picture, already been married for 2 years and went under the name of Norma Jeane Dougherty.


Yes you’ve guessed it – Marilyn Monroe !!! Who would have thought !!?




The photos were taken by David Conover in 1944 and show Marilyn assembling a OQ-2 radioplane, which incidentally was the first mass produced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the world.


It was a small remote-controlled aircraft designed to help U.S. Army and Navy anti-aircraft gunners hone their targeting skills.


Another Interesting/Quirky fact, guess who David Conover’s commanding officer in the army was?


A certain Captain Ronald Reagan who had sent him to the factory to shoot some pictures of women in war production.


Hey, it’s a small world after all !


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