Drone Flying Laws – Rules & Regulations

It's the Police

Safety First !!

It’s finally arrived !!  You open the box, put in the batteries and away you go !!


But wait – haven’t you forgotten something…?


Whilst most of us fly our Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for fun, we should never forget there are rules and regulations for flying our Quadcopter around as they are after all classed as an aircraft and as such must comply with any and all relevant flying laws.


The golden rule to remember is safety first.


We are in control of an actual aircraft flying in most likely controlled airspace and so it must always be flown in the safest way possible.


This means when flying your Drone you should show the proper respect to all other aircraft that may be in the area and at the same time also showing respect, privacy and courtesy to people and properties also in the immediate area on the ground.


Having Fun Yet?


Are you are a just looking to fly your Drone for fun and recreation ?


If so then the rules are fairly simple and straightforward and you do not normally need any formal permission or posses any special qualifications although some minimum age restrictions may apply.


This is not the same if you wanted to use your Drone to fly it for any kind of commercial purposes and the rules are regulations would certainly be quite different.


You will almost certainly require permission and the Drone would need to be piloted by a competently assessed operator who may need to also undergo official testing depending on the country of operation.


In either case you should always check and make absolutely sure as if you break the rules then not only could there be legal consequences but the safety of others could also be at stake.


Main Safety Guidelines


Below is a brief overview of the basic guidelines that should be followed in all cases;


  • Fly at or below 400 feet maximum
  • Always keep your Drone in clear and plain sight
  • Never fly near other aircraft, especially near airports
  • Never fly over groups of people
  • Never fly over possibly congested areas such as stadiums or sports events, concerts or any large gatherings
  • Always use your common sense – if in doubt don’t do it !!!


Here is a short visual guide from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA);



Further Information


Whilst some of the rules and regulations are similar, different countries will also have their own specific laws and so it’s very important to check first.


For example in the USA you are required depending on weight to register your UAV before you can fly it even for fun, which is not the case in the United Kingdom.


Below is specific country information for further reading for these countries;

USA Specific Information

USA FlagThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) information Fly for Fun




UK Specific Information

Union JackThe Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) information on Flying Drones




We hope you found this short guide useful.


If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and we will always get back to you.


Have a safe flight !!

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