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Most Drones have cameras these days, but the difference in quality and functionality is very different as you would expect depending on how much you want to spend.


What is the Best Beginner Drone with a Camera?


If you are a beginner Quadcopter pilot and want a starter Drone with a camera, you could for example look at something like the Syma X5C which in our opinion is an excellent choice for a very low price.


These types of Drones with low spec Cameras still do the job and will take photos or video, but as you will appreciate the quality is very low and there isn’t any camera stabilization devices so the footage is likely to be shaky.


Still, they are a really great choice for beginners to Quadcopters as you can learn to fly and use the camera before moving onto the more sophisticated ones.


To see what else is available, check out more of our Drone Reviews.


The Latest in Drone Technology


The best Drones available nowadays are extremely advanced and will have a great quality camera – up to 4K – and also include Camera Sensors Systems and Global Satellite Tracking.


They have significantly increased the functionality and performance of aerial vehicles, although for recreational use they may still be outside of the budget for some people.



DJI Mavic Pro - Main 4


These advances make Drones much easier to control because they also use intelligent visual and tracking technology to avoid crashing into objects in their path, navigate the terrain more effectively and can even be commanded to return to their starting point automatically.


High Quality Images Anywhere and Everywhere


You can buy a Drone already complete with on-board High Definition cameras, or if you prefer you can buy a high quality camera as an accessory and fit it to a more cost effective Drone.


These days full digital image stabilization technology is available and you can take clear images while flying, no matter how the vehicle is moving.


This is achieved to a high level using a “Gimbal”.


Phantom 4 Gimbal Camera

A Gimbal is a device that stabilizes the camera regardless of how the Quadcopter is moving, so it can remain pointed and fixed in the direction required to provide quality images and video recordings without the undesired effects such as shaking and moving.


Video image streaming can also be your “eyes in the skies” and you can use it yourself to navigate and fly your Drone rather than use your view from the ground.


This is known as FPV (First Person View) and adds an exciting new dimension to flying your Drone and most agree it gives you a much more satisfying flying experience and puts you in even greater control of the actual images you really want to capture.


These images can also be streamed directly to your mobile phone or tablet device which uses an app that can also allow you to record them directly, edit and share pretty much instantaneously, creating your own unique productions which can even incorporate music or commentary as you see fit.


Due to the high quality live streaming now available for FPV, it has even created a growing and exciting sport in FPV Drone Racing which is really taking off !!


Cameras Are Not Just For Taking Photos


Drones like the DJI Phantom 4 don’t just use cameras to take amazing pictures or video footage.


They also use them to help guide and fly themselves, with or without the aid of GPS / GLONASS navigation.


You are most likely aware of GPS, but you may also see that some Drones also use GLONASS – so what is that ?


In fact, they are both Earth orbiting satellite programs, where GPS (Global Positioning System) has been developed by the USA and is widely used commercially – mobile phones, car Sat Nav, etc – and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) has been developed by Russia.


DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

But as technology gets more advanced, GPS/GLONASS is not always required.


ActiveTrack for example allows a the DJI Phantom 4 to track a moving object without the need to rely on a
separate GPS/GLONASS tracker.


Once this is activated the vehicle will lock on the subject (which could be yourself) and begin tracking it automatically from a safe distance.


A self made movie with you as the star !


The Phantom 4 is also equipped with an Obstacle Sensing System that continually scans the landscape for objects or obstacles in front of it and if necessary take evasive maneuvers, allowing it to avoid collisions by going around, over or hovering.


The effective range of the Obstacle Sensing System is up to 15 meters, although it’s still always recommended that the vehicle is kept in visual sight at all times just to be sure.


Have a look at this video to really appreciate the advanced state of the art technology we are talking about here…





As always please leave us a comment or even better send us your creative video productions or still photos and we would love to include them on our site for all to enjoy.


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