Easiest RC Quadcopter Drones for Beginners to Fly

beginner quadcopter


What are the best beginner Drones available today?


What about beginner Drones with a camera, are they any good?


And what is a good way to approach learning to fly for a total novice?


As a beginner to Quadcopters or as they are also called UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), you soon realize there are quite a few different types of Drones and not all Quadcopters are created equal.


With this in mind, it’s always recommended you start with a low cost Ready To Fly (RTF) Quadcopter.


These are cheap and something that you can get to grips with as quickly as possible.


You are going to have a lot of bumps and crashes along the way so don’t start investing too much at the beginning of your Drone adventures.


flying a drone


Great Beginner Quadcopter Drones – Get Ready To Fly!

There are a lot of things to consider so it’s also worth having a look at our Drone Buying Guide for more help and information before you start.


So you now want to find something that is easy to learn and master the basics of Drone flying for beginners, but which type should you decide to go for as there are a lot of choices?

Start with a Free Quadcopter Simulation

Flight Simulator

Like all beginner pilots, it’s a good idea to start with a Drone simulator to get some practice before having a go in the real world.


If you have already ordered your UAV you can still have a go with a simulator whilst waiting for it to arrive, and get a bit of practice in.


There are various free simulation apps and programs available of varying degrees of quality, so have a look. – you have nothing to


Obviously, this is nothing like the real thing, but it should at least give you an appreciation for the challenges ahead.


Quadcopter Controls

Quadcopters are the most popular types of UAVs these days but do take a fair bit of getting used to if you haven’t flown before.


Getting to grips with the controls and how they work will definitely be your biggest challenge.


This is mainly because you have to understand and master some of the principles of flight which govern how aircraft are controlled in the air and this certainly does take practice!


When it comes to flying an aircraft, it’s quite different than driving a car which stays on the ground.


You move into 3 dimensional control and therefore need to have an understanding of the different types of axes and what effect these have on your Quadcopter.


The main considerations in this area are;


Quadcopter Ready To Fly

  • Pitch 
  • Roll 
  • Yaw 


Did you know these are also called the Principal Axes or 3 Axes of Rotation?



Choosing Where to Practice and Learn

When you are learning to fly from scratch, there is no question that you are going to crash – a lot !!!


It’s therefore important that you carefully consider the environment where you are going to practice.


Ensure that is it a safe place and should you lose control you will not cause any damage to people or property (especially your great aunt’s 15th century Ming dynasty vase) !


A good idea is to select somewhere like a large grassy area with not many obstacles such as trees or building and definitely no open water such as ponds or lakes (unless you like getting wet).


You then have the freedom of a large open space and soft landing if required…!

Our Beginner Recommendations

To start off we recommend that you invest in something very low cost, simply because you are going to have a lot of crashes and will be finding your feet (or wings) !


This is actually a good thing as the way most of us learn is by our mistakes (as long as you do learn of course).


Practice makes perfect, so here are a couple of recommendations to help you along the way;


Basic Toy Starter Quadcopter – Syma X11


This starter Quadcopter has great reviews and is great value for money. It’s quite robust so will take some crashing and it’s relatively easy to fly. As a complete beginner this is highly recommended and a lot of fun !!!



Quadcopter with Camera for Beginners – Syma X5C


syma-x5c-quadcopterThis is a #1 bestseller and for very good reason. It’s wind resistant so can be flown both outdoors and indoors and has the added benefit of a HD camera, all for very low cost. Described as the ultimate drone for beginners, the X5C can perform flips, take video or photos with the push of a button.



You can also check out a lot more of our great Drone Reviews.


More Drone Flying Tips For Beginners

Here is a short video introduction to get you on your way.


There is some great practical advice, especially for what to do in the event of a crash…



Thanks as always for reading and we genuinely hope you found this article useful as a starting point in your journey.


Please leave us a comment or feel free to ask a question, and we would love to hear about your flying experiences !


Good Luck !!!!!



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  1. Thanks for this introduction to drones. It really seems like this could be one of the BIG NEW industries of the 21st century. So many opportunities: photography for real estate listings, weddings, and extreme sports like surfing. Plus the new sport of drone racing! But delivery services? I’m not so sure.

    1. Hey Joe, thanks for checking out our site. Yes drones are definitely the major new industry of the future and you will see this in the next few years, in fact you can already see it right now. I think delivery services will definitely happen but still a few years off yet. Thanks again, Nigel

  2. I plan on buying a beginner drone since I never flown one before. Will be heading down to WV with a friend for a couple weeks vacation in November. Gonna try to take a few good videos and images of the scenery, maybe even spot out some deer for our hunting expedition. Do you know if those beginner ones are low-noise?

    1. Hi Wing,

      If you haven’t flown a drone before you certainly need to get some practice in before you head off on vacation!! Beginner Quadcopters are fairly noisy as opposed to the higher specs (and expensive) ones, because of quality and design. The noise comes from the motor and propellers and whilst certainly noticeable shouldn’t be a major issue outdoors for you hopefully. I would suggest you aim for the Syma X5C for starters as it’s quite easy to learn to fly, cost effective and has a good quality HD camera for both still and video. Also bear in mind your flight time is around 6-7 minutes so would suggest you also get some extra batteries.

      Please let us know how you get on and don’t forget to share some of your pictures !

      All the best, Nigel

  3. I quite fancy the idea of a drone. I would probably get it for my son – and then borrow it periodically.

    we’re quite lucky as we have a large grassy playing field near our house which would be good to learn on.

    As a matter of interest, how much flight time do you get from a single charge?

    1. Hi Jim,

      Sounds like a plan !! It’s great you have a large grassy area nearby, that’s perfect for learning to fly a drone for your son (and you !). If you are looking for a starter drone, then on average you will get between 6 to 8 minutes flight time per battery depending on the model. It’s a good idea to get a couple of spares as the battery charging times usually average around 120 minutes.

      Let us know how you get on !

      All the best, Nigel

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