What is FPV Drone Racing ?


So what is Drone racing about and is it as exciting as it looks?


What makes a good racing quadcopter, where can you find them and what are the best FPV racing Drones available today ?


The Racing Drone


You will need a specially designed, very fast and agile Quadcopter with great video transmission ability, some goggles and a controller.


Racing drones are specifically designed for forward flight, high speed and agility. They are also very robust!


The frame is normally built from lightweight but very durable carbon fiber and a camera is fixed at the front.


High performing speed controllers are used to modulate the power to the motors which means the Quadcopter can speed up or slow down very quickly.


It’s also vital you have good communication signals as if you lose contact with your Drone, your race is over!


FPV Quadcopter


What is FPV Racing?


FPV stands for First Person View and this is achieved by the Drone racers wearing special goggles that display a live image transmitted by a camera attached to the Drone.


This means the pilot only sees what the Drone camera sees, making the experience for the pilot a very immersive one and giving them the ability to have much greater control as opposed to just watching from the ground.


You need to be an extremely skilled and experienced pilot as these are very high-speed races with machines able to reach up to 120 miles per hour whilst simultaneously navigating obstacles along the way.


Here a taste of what FPV flying is like for the pilot…



What Racing Drones Are Available?


Most serious Drone racers build their own systems so they can tweak for maximum performance.


A professional racing Drone would typically look like this;


It is also possible to get a complete FPV Drone racing package, complete with everything you need to get started in Drone racing.


The RISE Vusion 250 is a good example;


RISE Vusion 250 - Box

Check Price


If you want to find out if it’s for you without splashing out first, you can always try a demo simulator.


You can find a great free Drone racing simulator at FPV Freerider


Who are the Drone Racing League (DRL)?


The Drone Racing League is the brainchild of Nicholas Horbaczewski and a leading promoter of this rising new sport.


Essentially the race competitors use custom designed Drones which they pilot at very high speed around three-dimensional courses using headsets giving them a first-person view.


So that you know who is who, the drones are loaded with color-changing LEDs to differentiate between the pilots.


DRL races are also recorded and released after each race on their YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitch, so that viewers themselves can get more of a feel of the experience and see how FPV flying and racing looks for themselves.



You can learn more about them here: DRL Website


Interesting Venues


Typically races are held in interesting and sometimes unusual places.



As well as abandoned warehouses in Australia and around the world, races have been staged at a power plant in New York, and more commonly mainstream venues such as the New Miami Stadium.


With a growing number of competitors from places like Europe, Australia, Brazil and Mexico aiming to earn some serious prize money and make a name for themselves, you can expect to see a lot more of this new kind of sport as it develops into a new global phenomenon.


On your marks, get set…..

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  1. Haha yooo this is soo dope. It’s great to see that with the rise in popularity for drones, that there is becoming more and more of a varied use for them. I like the fact that the drones can be raced and it’s like a legal environment. It reminds me of the planes that race, you know the smaller sport looking planes that fly through the towers. Looks awesome

    1. Thanks for your comments Wil, yes it’s also great that it will be available to pretty much anyone without them having to incur massive costs. All the best, Nigel

  2. This looks absolutely amazing. I’m thinking of buying a photography drone to start with since I never piloted a drone before. I’ll probably get a cheap one and get the basics down and then invest in a more advanced one so I can get some good videos and photos. But as far as racing, I think that will be the step after the photography and videos! It looks intense but the footage and sheer fun is nothing short of amazing!

    1. Hi Wing,

      Yes very exciting and really think this type of racing will catch on ! For a decent racing drone plus goggles it’s fairly reasonable as well so the sport is open to anyone which is good news. Let us know if you do venture into this and how you get on !

      Best wishes, Nigel

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