Parrot Swing Minidrone – Hybrid Quad/Plane Review


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Parrot Swing Minidrone Review


Are you are looking for something completely unique and different, with a sleek design and built to experience the pure thrill and enjoyment of flying?


If so, you definitely need to check out this very clever and innovative unique hybrid Quad/Plane from Parrot. It’s basically 2 for the price of 1 and a whole lot of fun!!


Before we get started and go any further, one question that is asked a lot is does the parrot swing have a camera? The short answer is yes, but it’s very limited as this is more a pure flying machine designed for aerial stunts and high-speed adreneline fuelled racing with your friends.


So let’s dive right in with a quick summary overview;




Who Is This Suitable For?


Green Tick   Beginners / Novice
Green Tick   Intermediate
Green Tick   Kids




     + Dual Use – Quadcopter and Plane modes

     + Autopilot and sensory systems

     + Extremely agile and responsive in flight

     + Very fast – can reach speeds of up to 19 mph

     + Amazing fun to fly




     – Camera very limited for photography use

     – No lights for night flying


Main Features


  • DUAL FLIGHT MODE: Can fly as a Quadcopter or Plane


  • SPEED: Can reach up to 19 mph when in plane mode


  • AGILITY: Easily perform superior acrobatic stunts such as U-turns, rolls, loops and flips


  • 3-AXIS SYSTEMS: evaluates speed, tilt and obstacle contact


  • STABILIZATION: Vertical / horizontal sensors and flight control software


  • CONTROL DISTANCE: Approx 20 meters with phone / 60 meters with Flypad


  • BATTERY: Flying time: About 6-8 minutes  /  Charging time: About 30 minutes





What is Included in the Box?


Here’s what you get for your money;


  • 1 Minidrone Swing
  • 1 USB cable
  • 4 Additional propellers
  • 1 Parrot Flypad (controller)
  • 1 Smartphone mount
  • 1 Quickstart guide

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So What Do We Think – Our Verdict


If you like Drones you are going to love this innovation from Parrot. It has a unique and stylish look and once you get the hang of it, we are sure you will agree it’s fantastic fun to fly.


One of the things that sets it completely apart from other Drones is the dual flight option.


You can fly this as a normal Quadcopter, and this is how you would take off and land, but once airborne you can switch to Plane mode and off you go !!


This is where your skills really come into play and you can zoom around reaching speeds of almost 19 mph.


It’s great for racing but bear in mind there is no First Person View (FPV) and the control distance is limited.


Whilst the Swing does have a camera, this works mostly as part of the sensor systems in Quadcopter mode to calculate speed.


It’s not really primarily designed to take photos or video, although it can take photos of the ground in Quadcopter mode or the horizontal landscape in Plane mode.






There is also a great autopilot feature that will keep your Swing at a constant altitude when flying in Plane mode, so you don’t need to worry about it.


To gain more speed, simply tilt in the direction you want to go, and the more you lean, the faster you go it’s that simple.


You can also activate Boost Mode for an extra burst of speed!


The Flypad (controller) has adjustable mounts to hold your smartphone, which you can then use to display battery power and flight time indicators on the screen.


Aerial stunts such as flips, loops and turns are easy and impressive as they can also be performed at speed so you don’t need to slow down or hover to do them.


When you are ready to land, Swing automatically transfers to Quadcopter mode at the press of a button and you can carefully hover and land safely.


There is a lot of technology built into this Mini Drone and the sensory systems and 3 axis gyro and accelerometer help you get a good degree of control fairly quickly in Quadcopter mode.


In Plane mode however, it can take a bit longer to master as you are constantly moving.


The good news is if you feel yourself losing control you have the ability to press a button and Swing will switch straight back to Quadcopter mode immediately and hover in position.



Parrot SWING - Front


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Overall if you want to experience some real fun and excitement flying fast and performing aerial acrobatics then this is a great choice for you, it’s really great fun!


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We would love to hear about your experiences with the Parrot Swing Minidrone so please leave us a comment below or get in touch.

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