Why buy a Drone – The Rise of the Machines

Rise of Drones


Why Do You Want a Drone?


If you are new to Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) as they are also commonly known, the first and perhaps obvious question to ask is exactly why do you want to buy a Drone and what do you want to use it for?


Maybe you’ve always loved flying and want to control your very own aircraft?


Once you get the hang of it (and it does take a fair bit of practice to be able to control a Drone by the way) then it’s quite enjoyable.


But you don’t have to stop there…


Would you also enjoy the thrill of taking part in high-speed racing event?


Drone Racing is an up and coming sport and growing in popularity all the time.


It’s extremely exciting both to participate in and watch as a spectator sport and mark our words you are going to see a lot more of this in the future.


Check out this video below as a small taste of the excitement on offer…



Obviously, you will need to get some serious practice in and invest in a good racing drone, but who knows you could be the next Drone racing superstar !!!


Are You into Photography?


Perhaps you have a great eye and are handy with a camera?


How about taking it to a whole new level?


Would you like to give full license to your creative flair and push the boundaries to the skies?


Imagine being able to snap some of the most amazing and beautiful aerial shots that only a Drone can make possible by going places you currently cannot go!


“Dronies” which is a term now being used for Drone Selfies is gaining in popularity.


Imagine large family gatherings or special occasions with quite a few friends.


Well with a Drone with a camera you can get everyone in (including yourself) on those larger group shots.


Have a look at this to give you some ideas of what truly possible and what you can achieve using this technology…



Great Gifts!


Finally, if you are looking for truly great gift ideas, then look no further as Drones make really fantastic presents.


It’s something unique and different to give to that special relative or friend and can spark a lifelong enthusiasm and become a highly rewarding and satisfying hobby or recreational pastime.


Good quality technologically advanced Drones are quite expensive and learning to fly does take time, patience and lots and lots of practice.


If in the long run it’s not right for you then you can end up making a very costly mistake.


The great news is that experiencing firsthand if Drones are going to be right for you (or giving one as a gift) is much easier and cheaper these days as there are some very (and we mean very) low cost starter Drones available on the market.


Check out some of our reviews here.


As you can see the world of Drones is extremely exciting and we hope you enjoy all that it has to offer.


Please feel free to leave a comment below and good luck on your Drone journey !!

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